If I Ruled the Internet…

What I dislike about the internet is that social media pretty much rules the internet. I dislike it because with all the new communication technologies that we have such as iphones, ipods, macs, PCs, tablets, etc. that there is social media on them and almost every single person now-a-days has a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, or instagram. It is not so much that the social media is the problem; it is the fact that people are glued to their phones or computers 24-7 just browsing through them. I feel as though that if I ruled the internet, social media would be limited to a certain time every day so that people will have time to actually socialize with one another through in person contact, face-to-face.


As said in the article above, studies have shown that social media is more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes. We as humans have addictive tendencies and we have to feed the urge. Young adults and children these days are on social media for hours at time each day to void that urge.

If I ruled the internet I would set timers throughout the day on social media so the world could have time to have face-to-face interaction. Let’s talk about first dates for instance. Couples out on first dates barely even talk to each other because they have their phones sitting right in front of their faces on the internet scrolling through social media. I think it is sad that now-a-days, social media has ruled the newest generations. For example, people get more excited about the new Iphone coming out or the new update on instagram than (let’s say) maybe a family member coming into town to visit. It’s the little things like that that dominate our society today.


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