if i ruled the internet…

Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has a huge effect on the young kids today.

Looking around at all the young kids and teens today just glued to their electronic devices almost makes me feel sad for them because they are too distracted about who posted what or who said this on social media, and they aren’t truly aware of what is going on around them.

For example, a child comes home from school and their parent requires them to finish their homework before doing anything for the rest of the day. The child starts his/her homework but does not finish because he/she decides that they are bored and want to play on their phones/computer/tablet. Social media is the ultimate distraction because kids these days cannot go a few minutes without social interaction. I, even being 20 years of age, have a problem when it comes to social media. I’ll get bored and want to scroll down instagram snooping on everyone. I once was driving to school and saw a girl driving next to me and she was scrolling down instagram! That is not okay at all. People in my college classes do not even pay attention and they are on their computers checking up on their facebook.

Social media is fun and all but it should definitely be regulated and limited to certain people or certain times of the day. Plus, there are obvious downsides to using social media especially within such young age group. A lot of kids do not understand how social media can affect another person. There is a lot of cyber bullying that goes on such as rude comments on picture or even on statuses.

The government really needs to realize what the internet is doing to young kids and take a stand to fix it. Do not get me wrong here, the internet in general is not the problem; it is the social media accounts the reel the kids in. Now that social media is so popular, even parents are giving into this social trend. I learned in my Mass Media class that newspaper sales have went down dramatically because the internet will tell you almost everything in the newspaper unless it’s a local newspaper.

One government action said in this article, http://bostonbarjournal.com/tag/government-regulation-of-social-media/ , was that…

“A new field of legal specialization will develop at the intersection of privacy, data protection and movement, and brand protection law. Privacy regulation will coalesce around principles of opt-out for non-sensitive data and opt-in for sensitive data. Efforts to harmonize the privacy laws of the United States and the European Union will fail, but use of the “Safe Harbor” type principles will expand to facilitate international data flow. Behavioral marketing will be increasingly regulated; the industry will organize itself to lobby against further regulation.”

So that means that the government will regulate anything and everything that will appear on social media. It also says that law enforcement and security authorities will monitor social media aggressively.



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