if i ruled the internet…

If I ruled the internet, social media would be limited to a certain time every day or to certain age groups. If we want to be more specific, I believe a person over the age of 15 should/can have a social media account such as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. At the age of fifteen, I feel like a teenager starts to act and be more mature at this age and they can properly use social media.

With that being said, I know there are issues with my proposal to limit social media. I feel as though if I were to show the government my issues about the internet and social media, they would laugh in my face. If I proposed these solutions to the internet, the government may think its Ludacris because many businesses have social media and advertise items and products. Many businesses thrive off of social media. That may be the biggest drawback in limiting the internet to a certain time. I do not see anything wrong in limiting social media to kids over 15 because I believe anyone younger than 15 is too young to have a social media account of any sort. Kids are very naïve and are mature enough to understand a lot of the bad things that happen on the internet and social media.

Potential drawbacks to making social media limited, is that a lot of people may protest… Many people believe that social media is helping society and making our world a better more close place. I love having and using social media, but I feel that the world has lost our language has been shortened. Because of social media, we can all talk through the internet which is amazing but we all get carried away. Many people will be angry if my proposals were implemented on the internet.

If social media were limited to a certain time, I feel as though everyone will have their way. It can work for both sides because people can still enjoy social media, but then if it were limited, people can actually socialize with other people. We can all sit down at the dinner table without a person pulling out their phones to check social media because they were tagged in a post. Many kids develop issues from using social media all the time; such as being cyber-bullied. They can develop depression or suicidal thoughts. Eating disorders become a big problem when girls especially, post pictures of their super nice and toned bodies.

When limiting the internet/social media to everyone who has an account would make the world a more reasonable place. I feel as though many people such as parents, would feel better that their child under the age of 15 is not using social media.


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