If i ruled the internet…

If I ruled the internet… the world would be a better place! If all my solutions that I presented were implemented on the internet, the internet would be used less. The internet would look like a slow passing phase. If the internet was limited to a certain time every day and to certain age groups, people around the world would have more time to go socialize face-to-face and young people could enjoy doing more outside activities. We as people would be able to have better in person communication skills and that is really great; for instance, for a college student who has to have their computers and phones on them 24-7, they can start to prepare for big world and develop better socializing skills for the career ahead of them.

As far as I know, none of these proposals have been implemented anywhere else. In today’s times, many kids and young teens have trouble putting down their phones and computers and tablets. They are glued to them 24-7 and that’s a lot of what is wrong in today’s society. Many parents have different outlooks on the addictions to social media and only a few implement rules to restrict their child from social media throughout their day.

Many parents put blocks and holds and filters and timers on their children’s technology to regulate how long they use it and what they are doing on these technologies. Parents have different opinions on the subject and whether or not they should control what their child does on social media and how long they are on social media. I believe that is smart because if there was a timer on all the technology that people use today, we would be a more balanced. Of course many children will not understand these rules being implemented. That in turn, could cause more problems.

Social media has pros and cons. In my last blog, I mentioned things about depression and eating disorders. If the internet would be limited, the internet would have less cyber bullies and a lower rate of kids with eating disorders because the media makes up these picture perfect people and makes young people insecure of the bodies and features they were born with and that’s not right.

If I ruled the internet, social media would still exist but be more regulated to the public. The internet would still run the same, just with time limits. Many benefits come out of limiting social media accounts and running times on the internet usage.


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